Link Building – Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Site

However, do you think about off-Page practice in SEO? How link building play major role as evolution of search and what does impact on website when Google update penguin algorithm? It is core practice and vital cause to promote website. Still, are you serious? You have done almost right to optimize your website for search engine, but you don’t know what exactly reason you gets penalty is. There are honest SEO mistakes likewise negligence of Google link Building guideline and black-hat practices to acquire the link.

There is lot of competition in online market palace, everyone want high result in short period. Ultimately this mindset introduces unethical practices and lead Google penalty.  Want to acquire SERP ranking in short period with unethical practices which is foremost cause to get a website penalty with aggressive optimization (A highly suspicious inbound link velocity).


Does your profile provide informative content and create curiosity in user and they are tending to share content on social network or via email? If not.  Linking profile –  Examine systematically the linking profile of website with a extreme number of back links from a single site, and positioning in the footer or linking to same network link Blog, directory and bookmarking.

Primary aim only creates finite number of the back link every day by Leaving Blog commenting.  Such type activity is not worth full and only purpose to distorting ranking. Having a mass number of comment link it can raise red flags with Google.

If you are hosted a number of website and linked each other Most possible reason to penalize whole micro site network.  Notorious method to rank hug collection of website within same author profile goes to penalty and unfortunately, those sites becomes spammy and it is very typical to recover such network of website even if remove or delete whole author account and backlink. Bio Backlink received from gust blog post, Google evaluate as spammy activity and violation of webmaster guideline.

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