Keyword Research – How Do You Measure Successful SEO Campaign?

How do you measure successful SEO campaign? There are a lot of matrix of SEO like higher ranking, potential traffic, and definitely what ROI is. But how many search engine optimizers are finally getting this result and market success. Have you ever think before it? Did you ever do quality analysis of SEO paractices? If you have not do it immediately for further success of your organic campaign.

Higher ranking is total sum of your affort and on-page as well as off page factor. How do you follow serach engine guideline and quality assurance of SEO?


Most important factor is keyword analysis. Three major tools for the keyword research are Google webmaster tool, Google Keyword suggestion and Google Analytics and most important part of keyword research is human behaviour of searching . Query terms are generally linguistic searching pattern which is used for looking through something. Every humankind feels and envision same pattern of sensing and intuition of the questions that efforts with same type of objectives.

In context of Google, if you have interested deeply into what the pattern of perfoming search query, it can be easly understand what it is. Pattern of search quaries varing according industry to industry. Popularity and interest of search terms vary over time and you can see by Google trends. Search query trends data can help you to improve forecast of the current level of searching activity for different industries and location. Predicting the present searching pattern with Google trends is much successful strategy of keyword selection.


In my experience of Indian real estate, search patterns are quite similar and made me easy to predict the search terms and behavior. If I am talking about recent project which has recently launched by reputed builder but currently there is no search volume of given project then how will you predict search pattern and keywords? I have undergone with Similar experience of UK mobile phones searching patterns which is quite complex and competitive market, you never know. It is quite difficult to extract search keywords which is yet not generated.

Google only suggests those keywords which has a certain search volume in optimum time. Google trends is normalised data of  Google Web Search with different match of keywords. End of the day, it is necessary that you sould have sound understanding of searching behaviour and search terms for keyword research. Right Keywords and quality content are panacea of digital marketing strategy. If you want to win the game, think about your target audience what they are searching in entire web, social media, forum, community and news website.


Post panda update quality content is major denotation of On-Page factor and how to align this parameter along with several matrix of web page like Title, Meta description, ALT and H1-H6 tag. Quite sound you can understand what I want to say. Take sound initiative to do keyword research if you are penalized by Google panda and Hummingbird update or want to high Rank in SERP.

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