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Emmanuel Asamoah

I’m thinking of starting a startup that will “defeat” eCommerce companies like Amazon and Alibaba. But will that even be possible? Do these companies manage to stay on top of their game only through their core businesses? Any idea of a weakness they might have?
All suggestions and comments will be really appreciated.

Michael Phillips What’s your point of difference? What are their flaws? How will you get users: buyers AND sellers?

Genuinely interested

Jay Lee When you come up with the answer…gimme some shares

Umar Azam Very intrigued to hear what the plan is? Alibaba and Amazon are two of the biggest companies in ecommerce, defeating them would need a hell of an idea. I am pretty sure you are on the right track but can you share a bit more?

Rahul Abhishek If you start a company with this thinking that you want to beat them, don’t even start. Just it is a personal opinion.
If you actually want to do something in e commerce space and want to improve things then go on and do research what they lack, what people don’t like about them, what more would people like to see.

Michael Phillips Etsy did this very well

Chhote Lal Lodh Such Kind of Startup is Head of Collision with big name like Amazon, Alibaba. If you have most innovative idea to create truly new customer experience, Move on.. You are being seen successful today what startups are different in every comer. Every startup has need quite different innovative idea which was never used.

Brian Williams Build a landing page for your idea. Present it to people who you think are your ideal customer asks for their email and offer them something. Also you can do an a/b split test on the same group that you think will buy from you and instead of offering an email try to make a sale. If you can make 3 sales you have the beginning of a business

Brian Williams All large companies we’re once just an idea. So do not get discouraged. It may take a few times to find out what people want but trial and error eventually leads to success. Some issues I see with large companies they are too large and encompass everything maybe a niche company that sells one item like solar lights every single solar light characterized neatly and organized that’s just one thing that comes to mind

Kevin Mullins Starting something because you want to ‘defeat’ the goliath’s of e-commerce is a fools errand — you’re starting with a negative ‘why’ that will not last. What happens if you beat them? Then what? What is your why; your purpose for wanting to get into this space? What drives you to want to build a successful company that can one day dethrone these two?

Yonas Hindrarto It is very possible. Only how far it will go if your only core goal is to defeat the competitors?

Mohammed Almokhem It’s kind of you are saying I’m going to build another Facebook and defeat them. Look at Google; they are trying to compete with Facebook with G+ and with Amazon with Shopping. Product market fit is very important before starting a business. There will be an e-commerce that specializes at certain products. The core idea of Amazon is an online marketplace for goods that came out where there no such thing. If your competitive advantage was UX/UI, it’s still not enough because UX/UI is updated by companies and they are very easy to be copied. Build a product/service not a feature. However, this is a quick analysis and you might have something completely innovative that might really revolutionize the way we shop online! Give us more details.

Taufiqur Rahman I have read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, at a point he said that everyone can make a better burger than McDonald did, but McDonald business is not about burger, it’s all about a system that has made it a big business. I think the same thing is happen to Amazon or any great business; you’ll need a great system to make it possible.

Salami Gbolahan Saheed I don’t defeating should be fine word. Is it a world War N is u Hitler? Instead of thinking about ways to conquer your competitors, study them intensively instead, there is a reason why they are big in their industry, if they are doing something right you only have to learn what it is N duplicate.. But it’s not going to b a walk in the Park

Surya Someshwara Checkout what Flipkart did in India? If you know how to do better than them with minimal operation cost and as much as automation possible then I think it can be done!

Mervyn Menezes An intention to defeat someone isn’t the only thing, conformance to market requirements will deliver success…..would like to know more about your innovative idea.

Miguel Olmedo You will have to come up with disruptive technology or something to re-shape this industry. Defeating these two companies is borderline impossible. However, if you can come up with a business model that makes the experience so much better, faster, painless and add value to it, then you are in business. More importantly answer to you the 5 core questions of any business. WHERE, WHEN, WHY, WHAT, HOW

Eli Elias But Competition is for losers as Peter Thiel says in the book “Zero to One”. The startup should be unique to build your own monopoly, as Facebook, Google, Amazon did.

Emmanuel Asamoah In Zero to One…He also speaks about how companies like Google defeated Yahoo…Facebook defeated MySpace etc etc
I’m not trying to be a competitor. I’m trying to disrupt smile emoticon

Yonas Hindrarto By defeating, it means that people will recognize by hearing the name only. Like Xerox and Coca-Cola. Some even don’t say photocopy machine, they say Xerox. Or instead of people say ‘search on the internet’, they say ‘Google it’. That’s the kind of defeating it means, or in G Cardone’s term, domination.

Emmanuel Asamoah Thanks y’all. And when I say defeat, I mean to disrupt the industry. To create a monopoly like all successful companies…Facebook,Google, etc

Ash Schmidt Sounds like a wonderful plan. What will make you different? Maybe ask people what they would like to see different with Amazon and Alibaba and use that to motivate and attack your plan. Don’t give up because it seems impossible and because others don’t believe in your success. If Bill Gates and Steve Jobs listened to everyone’s negative input we would never be where we are in technology today. Do extensive research on both companies, find their weak points, find out what makes them tick, weigh their pros and cons, read consumer reviews, learn about their stocks, absorb everything you can about them and use that fuel to build your fire. And most of all don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.

Isobel Hamilton also remembers these companies didn’t become massive overnight. I don’t know about Alibaba, but Amazon was a small online book retailer. Ebay was a place for collectors to sell vintage Pez dispensers! They do well, they grow, they expand….Start

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