What SEO Practices are Right Now

Are you bothersome with Google update? I think it is crucial point for every SEO and the webmasters Keep on brainstorming and want to pursue hottest SEO techniques.  They browse web to reach out every piece of content but most of them are not applicable in their industry, actually I know they are looking for tips that are core practices. But there are some mistakes at SEO and business owner’s end. A lot of changes happened over the years. Google itself has done major algorithmic update like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbirds. Recently Google is more focused on AI by rollout RankBrain algorithmic update, so in this scenario. How do you know what you should do right now?  SEO want easy going practices that would endure SERP Ranking.  Could it be possible in this time?

First thing keep in mind, classical SEO doesn’t live any more. Change your mind set. Bulk content posting is changed into value added and compelling content marketing. Similarly you have to correct your SEO strategy today.

If you are aware with Panda is now part of core algorithms of Google ranking signal then you can assume the importance of quality website for getting higher ranking in SERP.  What are integral parts of quality website?  Look back, sites that were penalized by the panda algorithms was primarily affected by thin, scrap and spammed content with poorly designed website has less usability and high speed time.

Always doesn’t focus on commercial intent, some time make a strategy?


Always doesn’t focus only on commercial intent of SEO, sometime make a strategy?  Business Owners want SEO as weapon of instant and direct marketing channel which is not possible after all and cause the tremendous hamper of organic ranking as well as ROI.  Do you always play for winning the game?

That is good but what is reality? You cannot win every race. Sometime make effort and know the tactics of how to get victory.  Combined approach of learning and practice makes you all time climber of ladder.

As a SEO, You have been paying attention in creating quality content and helping people in finding out high-quality websites in Google SERP. The crucial concern of Google Panda aimed to lower the rank of “low quality” and thin content websites. On the other hand, this update improved the ranking of higher quality and trusted brand websites. At present, the concern is about Google rater guideline that may witness sea change from your current SERP position.

It is prime suggestion to you focus on delivering the best possible user experience on your websites and doesn’t too much care about critical ranking signals that’s why Google do 1000 algorithmic rollout and search improvements every year and consistently tweaking its ranking.  Quality website (On-page and Off-page) and great user experience is complete digest of Winner in SERP position. Care about reputation of website.  Key point, you should know that very true intention of Google want to eliminate ranking of low content.


I am sharing an infograph and make adjustment in your SEO process.


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