Tips for a Killer Social Media Content Strategy

Are you struggling to accomplish right content strategy?

Of course, Content strategy is quite focused on some attainable matrices and Goals like generate traffic, create following, generate interaction and revenue.  It is a long brainstorming process for small business how to solve ultimate business objective via social media marketing.

In this post you will find key points of social media content strategy that build better relationship with your audience and provide you better result.

Understand the voice of your product and create content what people want to talk. Use gram & spices to make your content that would like your Audience.  Use Facebook timeline to listen you customers.

Coca Cola India with over 98,180,227 fans on Facebook, is a decent example. You can see how they are promoting their Brand by rising awareness “World Environment Day with Eco-Friendly” by initiative #‎Icare4Environment ‪ #‎TransformingIndia.

You should concentrate on increase daily update on you page and profile. Reach of your post to target audience is integral part of content strategy. It is depend on three key matrices: Frequency of post in a day, timing and multiple site.

Explore your Social Channel (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and blogs) with an actionable plan.

Given 5 techniques you can use to benefit your business:

  •   Measure the real-time market Sentiments.
  •   Identify important issues and relevant content.
  •     Determine user interests.
  •     Provide internal operational metrics.
  •     Execute competitive research.
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